Book Group Guide for The Garden of the World

I finally published a book group guide for The Garden of the World, only four years after it was published.




A review of The Goodbye House

A nice review of The Goodbye House from Mid-American Review, 36.2.

“Each character of The Goodbye House is rendered with equal care, with intricate attention to the motivations, foibles, and ensuing actions. While the final events of the story are not expected, they do make sense, given the carefully blended behavior. Our affection for the family has grown, and we are cheering at last for their optimism as much as we’d ever cheer for our own.”

The Art of Research

I’ll be on a panel entitled “The Art of Research:  How Writers Use Libraries to Develop Their Skill, Craft, & Careers” at the Ohio Library Council’s 2016 Convention and Expo. The panel takes place on Wednesday, Sept 28, at 4:15 pm, and I’ll be appearing with Amy Gustine and Andrew Welsh-Huggins.

California Summer Reading

I was very honored to have The Master of Monterey chosen by Better World Books as one of their three summer reads from California in their 2016 Summer Reading Challenge.  The Master of Monterey was published more than ten years ago, so any attention it gets now is wonderful.  I have no idea who at Better World Books chose it, but I am very grateful… I have this notion that anyone who reads this book, in particular,  will remember it, and it seems someone did.  img.php.jpeg